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Hi there!

Welcome to the chaos that is my creative practice! 

A little background - My journey has only just been reawakened again at the start of 2021. After graduating university with a Bachelor of Visual Arts in Print-Media and Drawing in 2017, my young and naïve self entered the world with the goal of making money and moved to Brisbane with my partner. I knew nothing of business so committed myself to the goal of getting into the corporate world (seriously? Was I really trying to reach a graveyard for my creative self?!). I worked a range of odd jobs from medical receptionist, wholesale manager, sales manager and customer service representative. Low and behold the inevitable happened and my soul started to crumble. Life decided to gave me a giant kick in the ass with the death of a really close family member (enters super reflective Jacqui) and I quit my job with no prospects lined up. 

Fast-forward to today, I have my own studio set up in my own home and I am completely dedicated to creating works that speak to my people as a freelance artist. I am dedicated to providing representation for silenced people, people who are simply not represented and silenced by todays media. I am curious about sexuality, body image and the spiritual self. 

Every now and then I take on commissions for peoples pets (simply because I am OBSESSED with dogs - I type this with my dog literally laying on me) so animals tend to pop up a fair bit to!

If you're interested in seeing what I have to say, or simply want to connect with someone else who does not see themselves represented in todays media, feel free to get in touch!


2013 - 2017

Australian National University - Bachelor of Visual Arts Printmedia and Drawing







Australian National University Graduating Exhibition 

Richard Fellowship Queensland's Recovered Futures Exhibition for Mental Health

Aspire Galleries Petite Pieces

Richard Fellowship Queensland's Recovered Futures Exhibition for Mental Health

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